Beach Chair Shoulder Positioner

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Beach Chair Shoulder Positioner. A simple attachment for beach chair positioning. Same Day Delivery to 60601.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair Beach Chairs
Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair Beach Chairs from

The Ultra Shoulder Positioner USP keeps patients stable and secure while providing excellent access and visibility during a range of shoulder procedures. This device attaches conveniently to any surgical table makes it easy to position the patient and provides unobstructed access to the site. The advantages of the beach chair position include the ease of setup limited brachial plexus stress increased glenohumeral and subacromial visualization anesthesia flexibility and the ability to easily convert to an open procedure.

The 2 principle patient positions during shoulder arthroscopy include the beach chair position and lateral de- cubitus position.

The E-Z Lift Beach Chair for Orthopedic Shoulder Procedures safely positions patients for shoulder surgery Fowlers position with fully padded removable panels integral siderail connection locks padded headrest support and padded lateral support for left or right operative side. The PowerLift Beach Chair satisfies diverse patient needs various surgeon preferences and attaches to. Same Day Delivery to 60601. It is simple strong and ready to meet your needs today.