Chair Rail Molding Height

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Chair Rail Molding Height. In order to match the specifications of the wall brick, waist height is 6 cm, 20 cm wide, like a beautiful belt, around in the middle of the wall in the home. Typically you want your chair rail molding to be 1/3 of the height of the wall, from the floor.

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Whether you are preparing your home for resale or just want a new look in your old space, chair rail molding is an inexpensive way to change the character of a room. Some ceilings are 10 or 12 this case, the room could easily accommodate a chair rail that is as high as 48 inches. But — two units are 38.5 inches.

As a general rule, chair rail should be applied.

The short answer to this question is, somewhere between 26 to 32 inches. Chair height and wall height. The chair rail height refers to the length of the molding which is attached to the wall. At what height should a chair rail trim be?