Chair Yoga For Obese Beginners

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Chair Yoga For Obese Beginners. This energizing routine can work as a natural stimulant to set you up for a productive day. If you're a little overweight, almost any pose is accesssable with a few modifications.

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All you need is a sturdy chair and yoga blocks (or thick towel or blanket) to place under your feet to lift your legs a little higher. Sit tall in a chair with feet flat on the ground, holding the sides of the seat for support. Chair yoga offers the same benefits as traditional yoga, but poses and movements are adapted for easy completion from a chair.

Very overweight people can start with chair yoga.

Seated bikes are also less stressful on the lower spine, which is a common complaint. Very overweight people can start with chair yoga. Below is a sample of titles you may enjoy: Downward dog is a staple of any yoga routine, and it’s easy enough to be incorporated into yoga for overweight beginners.