Lex Wearable Chair For Sale

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Lex Wearable Chair For Sale. The lex wearable chair consists of two aluminum arms that fold and retract to solve the purpose. Bionic chair that enhance posture, comfort & life!

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Lex wearable chair is made by astride bionics and just like archelis, this wearable chair is designed for health purpose. This makes it a comfortable choice for many when it comes to seating. Made by astride bionix, it is a folding exoskeleton that lets you sit anywhere in a comfortable posture.

The wearable chair, which is gaining surprising global popularity in factories and now in consumer applications, is a decidedly more mechanical kind of wearable.

Just buckle up the straps around your body like a belt or backpack and it is ready to go. The chairless chair allows for quick, easy and flexible changes between sitting, standing and walking. You can put it on in half a minute, and pull out the legs in just a couple of seconds. Created by astride bionix, the lex is a wearable chair comprising a black seat fixed onto the body with straps that tighten around the hip and just under the buttock.