Slabway Massage Chair Slab-1

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Slabway Massage Chair Slab-1. Foot massager 1 year warranty. With five relaxing back massage techniques, tranquility’s expansive lumbar range releases your spine from pain and tightness.

Your new happy place! People are in LOVE with our Massage
Your new happy place! People are in LOVE with our Massage from

If you are someone who suffers the consequences of being stuck in one position all day long, the irobotics 7 provides a range of shiatsu massages with varying intensity levels that you can easily control. The kyota kenko 3d massage chair brings all the relief and benefits of a personal masseuse into your home. Kneading, tapping, rolling and pushing.

Beginning with your arms and continuing to your fingertips, tranquility’s air pressure massage, recirculate, produces a wonderful calming effect as it improves blood circulation, carpel tunnel and arthritis.

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