Steelcase Think Chair Review

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Steelcase Think Chair Review. We think it could be the best office chair for tailbone pain. This chair is also very cheap and very squeaky!

Épinglé par Kitty RémanjonLetayf sur Kim Kardashian West
Épinglé par Kitty RémanjonLetayf sur Kim Kardashian West from

The leap is one of the best office chairs thanks to it’s ergonomic, supportive, and comfortable design, along with its dynamic flexibility. It gives nice support and it allows me to be in the chair for much longer than without it. Steelcase leap vs steelcase think steelcase leap steelcase think ;

I think it is overall useful and don't regret getting it, but it depends on how you use the chair.

The further you lean back, the more you’ll start to feel as though you’re sliding forward out of the chair. This review is part of my series of reviews of ergonomic office chairs. This chair isn't a great value, being a little pricey compared to its performance and a handful of other chairs that offer a better bang for the buck. Mark rico (our resident rendering specialist) and cyndi brackett (our accountant extraordinaire), have graciously accepted the opportunity to share the think.