Transport Chair For Sale Near Me

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Transport Chair For Sale Near Me. Drive medical lightweight transport wheelchair 1 ea, 21 lbs. Bought it for my 94 year old dad so when he is too weak to use his walker his caregivers can easily move him from place to place.

One of our newest collections from our Urbanology line
One of our newest collections from our Urbanology line from

Shop for transport wheelchairs in home health care. The chair is light enough for me to easily lift into the trunk or backseat of our car. It is generally lighter and more compact than a wheelchair making it portable and easy to store.

The drive economy steel transport chair is a very strong and durable transport chair that offers a choice of seat widths.

A transport wheelchair is a critical device in any medical clinic, hospital facility or institution that takes care of the ailing or the elderly. It is not covered by medicare or medicaid. Assisted living communities, hotels, tour groups, universities, hospitals and casinos are examples of. Living life to the fullest means being with the people you love and going where you want to go.